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TWD S07E01 Fake Out

This commentary concerns the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead titled "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be" which aired Sunday 10/23/2016. Do not read further if you have not seen it yet and don't want to read spoilers. Not that I think anyone will read this, but just because giving a spoiler warning is considered good etiquette. And someone MIGHT read this. Someone who is a fan and has not seen the episode yet. Unlikely, yes, but it COULD happen.

Anyway, consider yourself warned (hypothetical but likely non-existent reader). Do not continue if you are concerned about spoilers. Also, don't click the link (which is the episode title) as it goes to Wikipedia, where there are also spoilers. Now, onto my discussion of the episode and my previous predictions regarding what happens in it (PPP #38 & PPP #41).

I predicted two things: the first was that Abraham would die, which he did. And, secondly, I predicted there would be a fake out. The two possibilities of what could happen was that Negan would chop off Rick's hand with his axe. The second was that more than one person would be beaten to death by Negan with his baseball bat.


I wrongly predicted the fake out would be that Negan would kill two or more of the main characters. He did. The fake out (of which there was one) turned out to be Rick getting his hand chopped off. The Sneak Peak did strongly suggest it might happen, but it did not. A 2nd limb cutting off fake out occurred when Negan, in an attempt to break Rick (after he said he'd kill Negan for what he did) told Rick he had to chop off his son Carl's arm with the axe.

That did break him. But Negan stopped him just as he was about to do it (it appeared). Because Negan told his men to shoot everyone if Rick didn't. In the preview of episode 2 Rick is show saying that he (Rick) is no longer in charge but Negan is. Although Maggie (whose husband Glenn was killed by Negan) said they should fight (at the end of S07E01).

(Comic book spoiler warning, next paragraph).

In the comic Maggie (later) attempts suicide by hanging but is stopped by Rick. Anyway, I should have known that the hand-chopping off was the fake out, because... what was shown, together with the title of the Sneak Peak, made it clear what they were telegraphing. They were implying it too strongly for it to actually be what happened.

I guess I just didn't want to believe that Glenn was going to die. I was thinking that if they add another Asian character, that might be sign that Glenn's time was up (given that he's the only one). But he's dead (and now there are no Asian characters on the show).

The Wikipedia page notes that there were complains over how gruesome the deaths were. Negan hit Glenn in the head with his bat, knocking him down to the ground. He pushed himself back up (to his knees) and he had a dent in his head and his right eyeball had popped out. Then Negan finished him off as he had with Abraham, by beating his head to a pulp.


Images: Abraham Ford, portrayed by Michael Cudlitz (1st pic). Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene, portrayed by Steven Yeun and Lauren Cohan (2nd pic).

10/27/2016 Correction: I said that (in the comic) Maggie tries to commit suicide after Glenn is murdered (something I thought I read on TWD wiki), but Wikipedia says this happened after her family died... and Glenn was still alive. Also), Maggie's sister Beth attempted suicide (by cutting her wrists) previously (shortly after her character was introduced on the TV show). Point is, I doubt there will be an upcoming suicide storyline for Maggie (given these two facts).

FSM discussion: Indiana Jones 5, Walking Dead, Alien. 10/25/2016.

PPP #42, TWD #9.

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