Perquinn's Free Film Score CD List

Hi, and welcome to the page on my blog that contains the current list of film scores on CD that I am offering for free. Yes, I am giving away these CDs for $0, including shipping, but there is a catch. The catch is that they are free only to certain people. If you are one of these people you will know it, as I will have sent you an invitation to select one or more of these CDs completely gratis.

All CDs listed are in new or as new condition unless otherwise noted (no hole punches or other insert damage). They may or may not be sealed but I'm not going to indicate that here, as (for some titles) I have multiple copies and some are sealed while others are not. They are all like new, however (unless the description says otherwise). If you prefer a sealed copy please ask and I'll let you know if I have one.

If you did not receive an offer but instead stumbled across this page on your own... I apologize. If you see something you really want you can make an offer to purchase the item in question. My shipping rates can be found on this page.

Perquinn's Free Film Score & Soundtrack CD List

This list was last updated on 5/28/2015.

  1. A Soldiers Daughter Never Cries by Richard Robbins, Angel 1998.
  2. Amazing Grace and Chuck by Elmer Bernstein, Varese Sarabande 1987. Notch in Spine. Amazon.
  3. Basic Instinct 2 by John Murphy, La-La Land Records 2006.
  4. Black Knight by Randy Edelman, Varese Sarabande 11/13/2001.
  5. That Championship Season by Bill Conti, La-La Land Records 11/10/2009. Amazon.
  6. Domestic Disturbance by Mark Mancina, Varese Sarabande 2001. Large Hole Punch in UPC. Near Mint.
  7. Equus by Richard Rodney Bennett, Rykodisc 1977/1998.
  8. Evelyn by Stephen Endelman, Decca Records 2002.
  9. Finding Rin-Tin-Tin by Steve Edwards, MovieScore Media 9/16/2008. Digipak.
  10. First Knight by Jerry Goldsmith, Epic Soundtrax 1995. Front Booklet Missing.
  11. Forever Young by Jerry Goldsmith, Big Screen Records 1992. Hole Punch in Booklet.
  12. Grace Quigley by John Addison, Quartet Records QRSCE025 (Spain) 3/25/2011. Amazon.
  13. Hello Again by William Goldstein, Cinedisc 1987.
  14. Hero by George Fenton, Epic Records 472331-2 1992.
  15. Home Alone by John Williams, CBS Records 1990.
  16. Human Target, Season 1 by Bear McCreary, La-La Land Records 2010. 3 CD set (counts as two titles). Note: Disc 2 (of 3), Track 22 (last track) skips; Hole Punch in UPC.
  17. Hollywood '95 Film Score Complilation by Various Artists/Re-recording by the Royal Scotish National Orchestra conducted by Joel McNeely, Varese Sarabande 1995.
  18. Il Peccato (Noche De Verano) by Antonio Perez Olea, Quartet Records (Spain) 1/13/2011. Amazon.
  19. In the Path of the Conquistadors by Ragnar Bjerkreim, MTGS 9/26/1995. Booklet Clipped. Amazon.
  20. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull by John Williams, Concord Records 2008. Digipak.
  21. Into the Arms of Strangers by Lee Holdridge, Chapter III 2000.
  22. It Runs in the Family by Paul Grabowsky, Verve Music 2003.
  23. Jasper by Florian Tessloff, MovieScore Meida 9/22/2009. Digipak.
  24. The Killing Floor by Michael Wandmacher, MovieScore Media 1/8/2008. Digipak. Amazon.
  25. Laura/Jane Eyre by David Raksin/Bernard Herrmann, Twentieth Century Fox Film Scores 1993.
  26. Licensed to Thrill (Compilation) by John Barry, Prism 2001.
  27. Lovely & Amazing by composer, Lionsgate Records 2002.
  28. Man on the Moon by REM and Various Artists, Warner Bros 1999. Spine Notched.
  29. Marley & Me by Theodore Shapiro, Lakeshore Records 12/16/2008. Bullet Hole in UPC.
  30. Medal of Honor Frontline by Michael Giacchino, Electronic Arts 2002.
  31. Odyssey Of Life by Sheldon Mirowitz, Windham Hill 11/12/1996. UPC Hole Punched.
  32. Out of Sight by David Holmes, Jersey Records 6/23/1998.
  33. Paper Tiger by Roy Budd, Castel Music/Cinephile CMACD600 1975/2000.
  34. The Player by Thomas Newman, Varese Sarabande 1992. Someone wrote "Music Dept" on the surface of the CD with a green marker; CD otherwise mint.
  35. Rock N Roll Nightmare by Jon Mikl Thor, La-La Land Records 1987/2006. Amazon.
  36. The Saint of Fort Washington by James Newton Howard, Varese Sarabande 1993.
  37. Ray by Craig Armstrong, Rhino Records 10/19/2004.
  38. Sleeping With The Enemy by Jerry Goldsmith, Columbia Records 1991.
  39. The Snow Files (Compilation) by Mark Snow, Sonic Images SID-8902 1999.
  40. Space Cowboys by Various Artists, Warner Brothers Records 8/8/2000. Promo Stamp on Booklet.
  41. Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home by Leonard Rosenman, MCA 11/26/1986.
  42. Star Trek V: The Final Frontier by Jerry Goldsmith, Epic 1989.
  43. Taking Woodstock by Danny Elfman, La-La Land Records 6/21/2009.
  44. Teaching Mrs. Tingle by John Frizzell, Varese Sarabande 1999. Near Mint.
  45. Touched by an Angel by Various Artists, Sony 11/3/1998.
  46. Trespass by Ry Cooder, Sire 1993. Notched.
  47. World Trade Center by Craig Armstrong, Sony Classical 2006.
  48. Yellowbeard by John Morris, Quartet Records (Spain) 10/25/2010. Amazon.
  49. The Young Riders by John Debney, La-La Land Records 1/18/2011. Amazon.
  50. The X-Files: I Want to Believe by Mark Snow, Decca 7/22/2008. Drill Hole in Rear Inlay Card.

Current Offer

If you receive an offer from me for one or more free CDs, the current offer is as follows: You may select 2 titles from the list above UNLESS one of those titles is a CD I am currently selling on Amazon. Then you may select ONE Amazon CD and one other CD. (i.e. TWO Amazon CDs don't qualify for the offer). The reason being that the Amazon ones are the more valuable titles. Thank you for understanding.

CDs will ship FREE of charge... the cost to you is ZERO... the CDs are free and the shipping is free. You just need to email me your address and I will ship you whatever two CDs you desire! (as per the aforementioned guidelines). Totally free! You've GOT to be interested, right?

if you cannot find anything on the list above that you are interested in PLEASE do not take this as meaning that you still can't get something else for free! Please contact me via email at and I'm sure we can work something out. I really want to give you some music for free. PLEASE let me send you my CD(s) for free!

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  1. Several titles on the list (above) are packaged in digipaks. If you do not know what a digipak is - and would like to - please follow this link to a Wikipedia page that will describe what a "digipak" is (with pictures).


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