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Following are a number of lists of items I am giving away for free. I'm only asking for monies to cover my shipping costs (payment accepted via Paypal). Note that there is nothing wrong with any of these items. I simply do not have a need for them any longer and don't want them taking up space in my residence.

Pre-recorded VHS tapes ship to US addresses by Media Mail with delivery confirmation for $4.00 for the 1st tape and $1 for each additional tape (2 VHS sets count as two items). VHS tapes I originally purchased as blank (none currently are) ship for $4.00 for the 1st tape, $1 for a 2nd tape, and 50 cents for each additional VHS. I will give a $2 discount for shipments of 10+ used blank VHS tapes ($7.00 for 10, $7.50 for 11, etc).

Shipping to Canada is $9.50 for the 1st VHS plus $0.75 for each additional VHS. Shipping to all other countries is $14 for the 1st VHS tape plus $2 for each additional tape. Yes, that makes the final cost of any of these free items way too high, but shipping outside the US costs what it costs. For this reason I don't expect anyone will be interested, but I thought I'd answer the international shipping just in case.

For now this page includes 2 lists of free items. I might update this page in the future to include other items. Please contact me at with any questions.

Free VHS Pre-Recorded Movie Tapes

These pre-recorded VHS movies were not recorded from either commercial or pay TV by me. These VHS tapes are professionally produced/manufactured. "Retail packaging" refers to the printed cardboard slipcase VHS movies are typically packaged in. For some of these VHS tapes I discarded the slipcase and replaced it with a clear plastic case. (Link is to an image that is almost identical to the cases I purchased, except that my cases have the brand name "smartcases" molded in the plastic on each side).

A few of these tapes I purchased used, the others were purchased new and either watched 1 or 2 times, or never. All should play as if new, although they have been in my possession for 10+ years. Which is another reason I have decided to get rid of them... I haven't played any of these tapes for a very long time. If you still watch VHS tapes here is a chance to get some movies in new condition for the cost of shipping only. Please ask if you want to know if a tape is used or new... although most are new and all the used ones were checked by me when purchased to see if the tape was chewed up (I did not buy those).

  1. The Accidental Tourist 1988 William Hurt. P&S Retail Packaging.
  2. Backbeat 1994 Sheryl Lee & Stephen Dorff. P&S Plastic case.
  3. Bad Girls 1994 Madeleine Stowe. P&S Plastic Case.
  4. Ben-Hur 1959 Charlton Heston. Widescreen 2-VHS Plastic Cases.
  5. Bird on a Wire 1990 Mel Gibson & Goldie Hawn. P&S Retail Packaging.
  6. Blood Simple 1984 Frances McDormand. P&S Retail Packaging.
  7. Blown Away 1994 Jeff Bridges & Tommy Lee Jones. P&S Sealed Retail Packaging.
  8. The Borrowers 1997 John Goodman. P&S Plastic Case.
  9. A Bridge Too Far 1977 Michael Caine & Sean Connery. Widescreen 2-VHS Plastic Cases.
  10. Call of the Wild 1972 Charlton Heston. P&S Retail Packaging.
  11. Chances Are 1989 Robert Downey Jr. P&S Retail Packaging.
  12. Cheyenne Autum 1964 Richard Windmark. P&S Retail Packaging.
  13. Deep Star Six 1989 Taurean Blacque. SLP P&S Retail Packaging.
  14. El Cid 1961 Charlton Heston. Widescreen 2-VHS Plastic Cases.
  15. Flubber 1997 Robin Williams. P&S Plastic Case.
  16. Giant 1956 Elizabeth Taylor & Rock Hudson. Widescreen 2-VHS Plastic Cases.
  17. Hamlet 1996 Kenneth Branagh. Widescreen 2-VHS Plastic Cases.
  18. Heart and Souls 1993 Robert Downey Jr P&S Retail Packaging.
  19. High Spirits 1988 Steve Guttenberg & Daryl Hannah. P&S Retail Packaging.
  20. Just Cause 1995 Sean Connery. P&S Plastic Case.
  21. Keep the Change 1992 Lolita Davidovich. P&S Retail Packaging.
  22. Lawrence of Arabia 1962 Peter O'Toole. Widescreen 2-VHS Plastic Cases.
  23. Lightning Jack 1994 Paul Hogan. P&S Plastic Case.
  24. Lion King II Simba's Pride 1998 Matthew Broderick. P&S Plastic Case.
  25. Mary Shelly's Frankenstein 1994 Robert Deniro & Kenneth Branagh. P&S Retail Packaging.
  26. The Object of My Affection 1998 Jennifer Aniston. P&S Retail Packaging.
  27. The Odyssey 1997 Armand Assante. Retail Packaging.
  28. Outrageous Fortune 1987 Shelly Long & Bette Midler. P&S Retail Packaging.
  29. Rebecca 1940 Laurence Olivier. 1.37:1 Plastic Case.
  30. Red Corner 1997 Richard Gere. P&S Retail Packaging.
  31. Red Dawn 1984 Patrick Swayze. P&S Plastic Case.
  32. Remember the Titans 1989 Denzel Washington. P&S Retail Packaging.
  33. The Replacement Killers 1998 Yun-Fat Chow & Mira Sorvino. P&S Retail Packaging only (no tape).
  34. Return to Snowy River 1988 Tom Burlinson, Sigrid Thornton & Brian Dennehy. P&S Sealed Retail Packaging.
  35. The Rescuers 1977 Bob Newhart & Eva Gabor. P&S Plastic Case.
  36. Saturday Night Live The Best of Robin Williams. 1992 Retail Packaging.
  37. Speechless 1994 Michael Keaton. P&S Retail Packaging.
  38. Starman 1984 Jeff Bridges. P&S Plastic Case.
  39. The Ten Commandments 1956 Charlton Heston. Widescreen 2-VHS Plastic Cases.
  40. Thunderheart 1992 Val Kilmer. P&S Retail Packaging.
  41. The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau A Sound of Dolphins 1986. 1.33:1 Plastic case.
  42. The Untouchables 1998 Kevin Costner & Sean Connery. Widescreen Retail Packaging.
  43. Vibes 1988 Jeff Goldblum & Cyndi Lauper. P&S Retail Packaging.
  44. The X-Files Unruhe/Paper Hearts 1996 David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson. Retail Packaging.
  45. Zero Effect 1997 Bill Pullman. P&S Retail Packaging.

Free Used VHS Tapes #1

This list of used VHS tapes consists of tapes I used to record movies off of pay movie channels during free previews (I don't subscribe to any pay movie channels). These are movies I recorded a number of years ago BEFORE the recent switch to HD. The films on these tapes are all the pan-and-scan versions, with the exception of certain B&W films that were originally filmed in a non-widescreen format.

All were recorded in the SLP mode, so I could fit 3 movies per tape. Quality is as can be expected from a film recorded off cable in non-HD and at SLP speed. I'm selling these expecting someone might want them to use as blank tape, and not to watch the movies (as the quality is lesser than what most expect today). I decided, however, to list the movies in the off chance that someone might actually want to watch one of them. Timings indicate the location of the movie on the tape and not the length of the movie.

  1. #1: The Man who Loved Cat Dancing, Lost in Translation 2:00, Salvador 3:54-5:59, end 6:10.
  2. #2: Taras Bulba, The Island 2:06, Poseidon 4:23-6:02, end 6:07.
  3. #3: Reign of Fire, Hanover Street 1:46, APHC 30th Anniversary 3:40, Daily Show 06-03-22 Russ Feingold 5:08, Colbert Report 06-03-22 Dan Senor to end.
  4. #4: Russkies, Secondhand Lions 1:43, Kill Bill Volume 1 3:34, Futurama Robot Santa 5:27-5:50.
  5. #5: Class Action, Bringing Down the House 1:50, Seabiscuit 3:38, Tonight Show: Headlines 6:00-6:11.
  6. #6: XXX Vin Diesel, Topper Returns 2:10, Tadpole 3:42, Colbert Report 06-03-21 Steve Kroft 5:04, Daily Show 06-03-21 Georges Sada to end.
  7. #7: Chicago 0:02, Dreamer 1:56, Bad News Bears Billy Bob Thornton 3:42, end?
  8. #8: House of Sand and Fog 0:02, Two Weeks Notice 2:10, The Order Heath Ledger 3:53, end?
  9. #9: The Four Feathers, Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events 2:12, Be Cool 4:01-6:01.
  10. #10: Underworld, Welcome to Colinwood 2:03, Mr Smith Goes to Washington 3:30, 0:25 remaining time.
  11. #11: Moll Flanders Robin Wright, Killing Me Softly 2:05, Aeon Flux Charlize Theron 3:47, Larry King Interviews Stephen Colbert 5:20 to end.
  12. #12: The Ring 0:02, The Beautician and the Beast 1:59, The Golden Bowl 3:47-5:58, end 6:11.
  13. #13: Sahara, Donnie Darko 2:06, Beyond the Sea 4:00, end 5:58.
  14. #14: Kill Bill Volume 2, Jagged Edge 2:21, Duma ?
  15. #15: Kingdom of Heaven, Racing Stripes 2:26, The Skeleton Key 4:11.
  16. #16: Narc 0:02, After the Sunset 1:49, Ride with the Devil 3:27, Hardball with Chris Matthews 10/14/2009 Olypmia Snowe 5:47, Countdown With Keith Olbermann 09-09-25.
  17. #17: Tribute to a Bad Man 0:03, Bad Day at Black Rock 1:43, It Happened to Jane 1959 3:09, Valiant 4:50, end 6:07-6:11.
  18. #18: Operation Petticoat, Suspicion 2:09, Spellbound 3:51, The Ed Show 09-12-01 Robert Greenwald discusses "Rethink Afghanistan" 5:51.
  19. #19: Gunga Din, Title 2, Title 3.

Free Used VHS Tapes #2

The VHS tapes listed below were purchased new by me and only used (recorded on/played back) a couple of times each (they were blank when I purchased them but have something recorded on them presently). Each should still be as good (or nearly as good as) a brand new tape. If you use VHS tapes (for whatever purpose) here is an opportunity to get some for a very low price... if you want more than a couple, that is. Shipped singly, you might be better off buying them new. If you want more than that, however, I'm more than willing to ship via media mail, which will result in them costing less than a buck a piece! I will ship 10 tapes for $7.00 via media mail. Quantities of 10 only or ALL of them for $35.00 (57 tapes).

Most of these tapes have episodes of the Daily Show recorded on them. At the time my plan was to transfer these recordings over to my computer, but I decided the resulting quality would be too low and therefore it was worth the time and effort.

  1. Sony T-120VHGF High Grade VHS tapes X11. Used in smartcases. Note that these smartcases themselves cost me 50 cents each (if I remember correctly).
  2. Various Brands VHS tapes, used in smartcases X12.
  3. Various Brands VHS tapes, used in original cardboard slipcases X6.
  4. Various Brands VHS tapes w/tabs broken out, used in original cardboard slipcases X11.
  5. Various Brands VHS tapes w/tabs broken out, used/unboxed X5.
  6. Pre-recorded movies on VHS that I recorded over, used/unboxed X12.

Thank you for considering taking some of these items off my hands.

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