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My Take On The Walking Dead S7 Sneak Peak

This clip played on Sunday 10/15/2016 after the "the story so far" retrospective/clip show. Season 7 begins Sunday night, 10/23/2016. BTW, don't read any further if you don't want spoilers. I don't know anything, although I'm going to speculate on what's going to happen. Speculation based not on reading the graphic novel, but on reading about it.

Because I'm not into graphic novels or comics. I've got zero interest in TWD in it's original format. That said, you've been warned. Stop reading now to avoid "spoilers", AKA my speculation based on the following video.

Video1: AMC "sneak peak" scene from the season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead.

Given that the episode is called "Right Hand Man", and given what happens in the comic, I say Rick is going to get his hand chopped off (with his own axe) by Negan. After Negan kills #whoisit (note the bloody bat, AKA "Lucille") and promoted by Rick's threats ("I'm going to kill you. Not today, not tomorrow"), Negan drags Rick away by the hair (and into the RV).

What happens next is that Rick gets his hand chopped off (I'm guessing). It already happened in the comic. A lot earlier, in fact. In the comic it was the Governor who did the deed. And he also raped Michonne. Something that was changed (for TV) to threats of rape against Maggie.

But in the TV show Rick wasn't among those initially captured by the Governor. It was Michonne and Andrea instead. And the person who lost his hand was Daryl's brother Merle. Although he cut it off himself after being left handcuffed to an unmovable object on the roof of a building (earlier).

Anyway, I read that the actor who plays Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan) said that Negan kills multiple people, and not just the one shown at the end of season 6 (although from the POV of the victim, and NOT from the POV of the audience... so we don't know who it is. Hence #whoisit).

That said, I previously speculated that the victim was Abraham (PPP #38). I did, however, identify Daryl and Glenn as possible victims. Not all of them, but one of the 3. Now (and maybe it's a fakeout) it's being floated (by JDM) that more than one person might be killed by his character, Negan. Although I think it's likely a tactic to build suspense and get people to tune in.

I heard that many viewers were unhappy with how season 6 ended. Someone was killed, but you've got to wait months to find out who. So they might have said "screw this, I'm not going to watch anymore). Me, I didn't care. It's the nature of the show that characters are killed. And, when whoever who it was that is Negan's victim was not revealed, I didn't care either. I knew I'd find out eventually.

I just don't like it when people are killed stupidly, like with the death of Beth Greene (PPP #35). But, if they kill off (say) Abraham, Glenn and Daryl (or 2 of these characters) for the SHOCK... I'm not sure I'll like that either.

But I think it's likely a fake out. TWD actors have done it before. The actor playing The Governor (David Morrissey) suggested (on Talking Dead) he might be reformed/not interested in revenge. But it turned out he was fibbing.

Video2: Emily Kinney (the actress who played Beth Greene) is also a recording artist. Below is a music video for the song "Molly" from her 2015 album This Is War (2:42).

10/25/2016 Correction: The title of the Sneak Peak was "Right Hand Man". The Season 7 premiere episode was titled "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be".

PPP #41, TWD #8.

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