Perquinn's Film Score CD Want List

Welcome to the page on my blog that contains the current list of film scores on CD that I am looking for. Either to trade for, or to purchase. For a list of items that I have available for trade you can look at this page.

It should be noted that while some of the CDs I list below are rare and therefore valuable, I am NOT a fanatical collector that is willing to pay huge sums (or trade something of significant value) to acquire something from the list below that you may think (rightfully or not) is worth a lot of money. Yes, that might very well mean that I will never own many of the discs listed below, and that is FINE with me.

This is a list of Soundtrack CDs I'd like to own original factory pressed copies of... at a reasonable price ("price" in reference to cash or value of a traded item). I am not generally not interested in trading for CDRs. My preference is original factory pressed discs, preferably in like-new condition, although I may be willing to accept discs in "very good" (or slightly less than "very good") condition... but only if the price (or trade offer) is lesser (lesser condition = lesser value for the disc in question).

Feel free to contact me at with any sale or trade-related questions... and thank you for considering either selling to or trading with me. By the way, in order to protect myself from unscrupulous traders who might be in the habit of ripping people off, I am only looking to do deals with people I can establish I have a reasonable expectation of being able to trust.

I might be able to trust you if, for example, you are a regular commenter on the Film Score Monthly message board. If you can point me to a thread in which you've traded with others and there are comments from those people saying something about a successful trade... that would really help. As for myself, such a thread concerning successful trades can be viewed here (my ID on the FSM board is "w-dervish").

The list below was last updated on 3/19/2018. If a long period of time has passed since the last update the list below might be out of date and I may have acquired a number of titles listed below (and therefore not be looking for them any longer). I will try to update this list periodically, however, in an effort to prevent people from contacting me with offer for CDs I already have (which they might not appreciate). I do not make any guarantees, however. Although I think such a situation is not likely, given the fact that I haven't engaged in any trades for quite some time. Probably because I have not put a lot of effort into it.

BP = Blog Post (there is a post on this blog associated with this title. Click link to read).

Perquinn's Film & TV Score CD Want List

  1. Agora by Dario Marianelli, Warner Music Spain 5186558472 2009. ++
  2. Bourne Identity by Laurence Rosenthal, Intrada 1988. +
  3. Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show by George Fenton, Disney 1992. ++
  4. Critical Condition/Summer Rental by Alan Silvestri, Quartet 1987/2014.
  5. Dark Blue by Terence Blanchard, Virgin France 2002. ++
  6. Dedicato Al Mare Egeo by Ennio Morricone, Quartet.
  7. Dressed to Kill, Intrada 1980/2016 (29 Track Remastered 2nd Intrada issue). +
  8. For Those I Loved AKA Au nom de tous les miens by Maurice Jarre, Music Box Records.
  9. Flowers In The Attic by Christopher Young, Intrada MAF 7009D 11/24/1992. +
  10. Good Bye, Lenin! Yann Tiersen, EMI (23 Track Expanded Version).
  11. Kuffs by Harold Faltermeyer, Milan Records 10151 1992. +
  12. La Monaca di Monza/La Califfa by Ennio Morricone, Quartet.
  13. The Last Airbender by James Newton Howard, Lakeshore Records 2010.
  14. The Man From UNCLE Arranged and conducted by Hugo Montenegro, 1994 RCA Records BMG 74321-241792. 2 LPs on one CD.
  15. Marjorie Morningstar by Max Steiner, BYU/FMA.
  16. MacArthur by Jerry Goldsmith, Varese Sarabande VSD 5260 1977.
  17. Music For TV Dinners: The Sixties by Various Artists, Scamp 1997.
  18. Napoleon et l'Europe by Wojciech Kilar, Music Box Records 1991.
  19. Rat Race by John Powell, Beyond 2001.
  20. Princess Ka'iulani by Stephen Warbeck, MovieScore Media 2011.
  21. Rediscovering Lost Scores Volume 2 by Wendy Carlos. +
  22. Rire et Chatiment by Alexandre Desplat, East West/Warner Music 2003.
  23. Sex and the City 2 by Aaron Zigman, Sony Classical 88697749982. Note: This is available from Amazon as a "manufactured on demand" CDR (MOD disc). I want the factory pressed import.
  24. Shipwrecked by Patrick Doyle, Walt Disney Records 60614-2 1990. ++
  25. Shopgirl by Barrington Pheloung, Reincarnate Music 1224 2005.
  26. Shroud For A Nightingale: The Screen Music Of Richard Harvey.
  27. Source Code by Chris Bacon, Lakeshore Records 2011.
  28. Spider by Howard Shore, Virgin Records France 2002. ++
  29. Ten Little Indians (AKA "E Poi, Non Ne Rimase Nessuno" AKA "And Then There Were None") by Bruno Nicolai, Digitmovies 2009.
  30. Toni by Alexandre Desplat, Milan France 1999.
  31. Tomorrowland by Michael Giacchino, Walt Disney Records 2015. +
  32. Transformers by Steve Jablonsky, Warner Brothers Records 2007.
  33. Transformers Dark of the Moon by Steve Jablonsky, Reprise 2011.
  34. The Whole Wide World by Hans Zimmer, Universal 1996.
  35. Wuthering Heights by Ryuichi Sakamoto, Toshiba EMI TOCT-6691 1992

Perquinn's Non Film Score CD Want List

  1. Candy's Theme by Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra, RCA 2004. [BP]
  2. Come Spy With Me by Hugo Montenegro & His Orchestra, RCA. [BP]
  3. Hugo in Wonder-Land by Hugo Montenegro, Cloud 9 Records 2004. [BP]
  4. Mr. Groovy by Hugo Montenegro,The Omni Recording Corporation 1974/2008. [BP]
  5. Get Closer by Linda Ronstadt, Rhino/Elektra 2006.

Codes: + I will accept a CDR in trade. ++ I already have a physical CDR or digital copy of this title. I'm looking for an original copy. Note: in regards to CDR trades: There are very few titles I would be interested in trading in CDR format. If you are interested in a CDR trade, I will trade discs only, NOT printed artwork. I can send you JPG copies of the artwork and you can print it yourself. I don't want printed artwork in return from you either. If you want to send me JPG files on a disc, that's OK, but not necessary (unless I'm sending you JPG files).

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