Friday, December 9, 2011

Max and Helen & The Oasis, Orchestral Score by Christopher Young (Autographed)

I'm selling a brand new factory sealed copy of the orchestral score from "Max and Helen", the 1990 television drama directed by Philip Saville, based on the book by Simon Wiesenthal, starring Treat Williams, Alice Krige and Martin Landau. The second score on the disc is from "The Oasis", a 1984 drama directed by Sparky Greene, from a script by Tom Klassen, starring Chris Makepeace, Scott Hylands, Richard Cox, Mark Metcalf and Anne Lockhart. The music from both films is by American composer Christopher Young. The total running time of this 16 track CD is 41:23

The CD brand new and in pristine mint/sealed condition. You get two booklets when you purchase this item. The booklet inside the sealed package, and an extra booklet (loose) that was autographed by the composer (using a sliver sharpie).

This limited edition release of 1000 units originally sold for $16 when released. Unautographed copies are still available from the manufacturer, but the autographed copies sold out a long time ago (only 100 booklets were autographed). The disc was released by BSX records records on 1/10/2009.

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PPP #10

Friday, June 24, 2011

Invasion USA, Music Composed by Jay Chattaway

I'm selling an unsealed/used copy of the orchestral score from the 1985 Chuck Norris action film "Invasion USA". The music is by American composer Jay Chattaway.

The CD booklet is damaged. As you can see in the picture (#1 & #4), there is a small chunk torn out of the upper right-hand corner of the front cover. This damage is to the front cover only, the rest of the booklet pages are not torn. There is also some damage to the upper left-hand corner of the booklet. This also can be seen in the scan, although it doesn't show up that well.

There is some final booklet damage that should be noted... there are two horizontal indentations that run the length of the booklet (they don't show up on the scan). I think this damage was present when the CD was new. If I were to guess I would say that it appears to have been caused by machinery that the booklet ran through on the assembly line. The rear insert is undamaged and in perfect condition.

This limited edition release of 1000 units originally sold for $20 when released. It is now sold out and unavailable from the manufacturer. The disc was released by Intrada records on 2/11/2008 as the 17th album in their "Signature Edition" series.

The CD is in very good condition, with some minor scratches on the playing surface. I tested the CD and it plays perfectly with no skipping. Aside from the minor scratches on the playing surface and the already noted damage to the booklet, the CD and inserts are in near-new condition. There are no other marks, fingerprints or smudges/dirt on the disc or booklet.

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PPP #9