Thursday, June 24, 2010

iPhone Idiots

I'm watching MSNBC News Live and a story about the new version of the iPhone, iPhone 4, just concluded. The story covered the "iPhone frenzy", or "iPhone-demonium" - people standing in line to buy the new iPhone 4. The correspondent reporting live from the scene called it "super cool". The anchor back in the studio said she was jealous because she thought that the iPhone 4 that the correspondent was holding up was his own. It turned out to be a prop, and an Apple rep was standing by, waiting to retrieve the phone when the segment was over. My response? WTF?!

They did not say how much it cost, but I'm guessing around $400. In my opinion these people are idiots. Although you may find this hard to believe, I do not own a cell phone. I have no use for one, mainly due to the fact that I am not an important person. Nobody has the need to contact me "on the go". That, however, is not why iPhone owners tick me off.

The reason iPhone owners tick me off is because this is simply way to damn much to spend on a phone. If you have so much disposable income that you can afford to throw it away on an unneeded and overpriced gadget, when another lesser phone is more than adequate, you are either wrong, or should consider giving the money to a worthy charity. By being "wrong", I mean you're wrong about being able to afford an iPhone. Put the money towards your retirement, your children's education, or simply save it for a rainy day. Or, if you aren't wrong (you CAN afford the iPhone), it has got to be because you are a rich selfish arrogant Republican who isn't paying enough in taxes.

On the other hand, it is early adopters of new technologies that make it possible for people like me to buy the tech item later, at a much lower price. Without you companies wouldn't be incentivized to continually improve their tech products, which has the effect of driving down the cost of older models. That, at least, makes you useful idiots. However, as I already pointed out, I don't own an iPhone or even a basic cell phone, so these idiots are of no use to me. You're not driving improvements or the cost down of something I ever plan on buying.

For that reason I say, you tick me off. Especially if you already own any previous version of the iPhone and plan on buying the new one immediately. You have more money than sense, and, in this case, are not even a useful idiot. And, don't tell me that your old iPhone is going to your kid, and therefore your purchase is excusable because the phone isn't simply going to be tossed.

Don't tell me this because it will tick me off even more. Children do not need, nor should they have expensive tech gadgets. They will end up spoiled and with a feeling of entitlement. Unfortunately, a rich Republican a-hole probably won't see anything wrong with that.

PPP #4