Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Impressive Pet Tricks 001: Jumpy the Border Collie/Heeler Mix

Jumpy is a 4 year old male Border Collie/Heeler mix trained by Omar von Muller. In the comment section for the first YouTube video below one viewer asks if Jumpy has ever been injured performing a trick. Omar responds by writing, "No, as dangerous as they look... if he looses the scooter or skateboard at a high speed he just runs with it like nothing. All the other jumps etc were done one step at a time and never an accident".

Uggie the Jack Russell Terrier - famous for his co-starring role in the 2011 film The Artist - is another canine trained by von Muller. I presume that Jumpy is a star in his own right, but could not find any information regarding any acting gigs (a Google search returned only results that included the video below).

Video1: Jumpy performs various tricks, including riding a scooter standing on his two hind legs down a hill! 6/30/2013 (2:05).

Video2: Jumpy winks on command. Video posted to YouTube on 9/3/2011 (1:00).

Video3: [ADDED 10/27/2016] Re Jumpy acting gigs, he is co-starring in 2016's In the Valley of Violence with Ethan Hawke. and Ethan Hawke as a drifter named "Paul" and Jumpy as his dog, "Abbie" (1:11).

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