Thursday, April 25, 2013

Stealing John Goodman's Time Machine

I was part of a small band of teenagers being held captive by the Conservative John Goodman. In order to escape his clutches, I decided to activate the time machine. I was on board the time machine, which happened to be a submarine. It did not occur to John Goodman that we would use the time machine to escape, as the hatch was open, and there was a strong possibility that activating the time machine while the hatch was open would kill us. But I decided to risk it.

I began filling out the paperwork, and decided to check the box to enable physical travel as well. I wrote in that we would travel from a dock somewhere on the east coast of the United States (somewhere in New England) to the Californian coast. In time we would go forward 10 years, from 1990 to 2000.

The Dungeon Master then told me that in 10 years John Goodman would die. I was concerned that his being distraught over losing the time machine would cause his death - and considered not going forward so far if that was the case. But the Dungeon Master told me that whatever we did he was going to die anyway.

Strange, that I was concerned about the life of someone who was holding us captive, but I liked John Goodman, or the actual John Goodman, at least. This was some other John Goodman. The real John Goodman is a Liberal who is still alive in the year 2013. This John Goodman, while also an actor, was not Liberal but Conservative. The alternate John Goodman was also an actor. Fact is, we were on the set of a movie that involved the submarine, although nobody but John Goodman and us teens he was holding captive knew the submarine was actually a time machine.

In the dream I was not me. One clue is that I am not a teenager. Another clue was that I was a fake Conservative named *redacted*. I do not know who, or how many other teens there were. This is the sum total of the dream I remembered upon waking. After using the facilities I decided to type it out right away so as to not forget. It does not make much sense, as my dreams usually do not, but there it is.

PPP #24

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  1. So, a Conservative Goodman is a bad guy but a Liberal one is a good guy? What a F'd up piece of shit you are!


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