Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A Winning Strategy (President Newt)

Newt Gingrich's plan to win the presidency:

[1] The convention is going to be brokered because he'll stay in the race and prevent Romney from getting enough delegates to clinch the nomination.

[2] Romney delegates will flip and vote for Newt... because he is the real conservative.

[3] Newt will win the nomination and destroy Obama with his superior teleprompter-less debating skills (and promise of 2.50 a gallon gas).

[4] President Newt will ensure economic prosperity for all and be elected to a second term. (during which we will colonize the moon).

Failing that he will write more books, produce more videos, and charge higher speaking fees. All his followers will buy these products (and pay to hear him speak), as they will be eager for the inside scoop as to how they can survive the coming Obama/or Romney economic (or perhaps literal) apocalypse.

Video: Newt Gingrich wants permanent Moonbase, manned mission to Mars. Excerpt from the 1/23/2012 GOP NBC Debate. Video posted to YouTube on 1/23/2012 (1:20).

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  1. If Newt is elected I'd like to at least visit that moon colony... as a tourist only (I wouldn't want to live there). Hopefully it will be considerably less expensive then the current going rate for space tourism (20 million dollars).

  2. Also, 2.50 a gallon gas would be OK with me. But I've read his proposal on how he plans to get there, and in my opinion it wouldn't work. The easiest way to lower gas prices would be to put a stop to the speculators. Newt doesn't mention speculation.


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