Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Wicked Backspin And The Lost Footing

The Set Up

Updated my blogger profile again today, and clicked the box for another random question. The question was "The wicked backspin caught you off guard. How will you play it off without losing your footing?".

The Story

W. Backspin was one wicked dude. He grabbed me by the collar and I almost lost my footing, standing there on the edge of the cliff. Then he kneed me in the gut and let go. Over the side of the cliff I fell, presumably to my doom. At the last second, however, I grabbed hold of Backspin's ankles, and pulled his feet out from under him. He fell on his back, hard. Then he slid toward the edge. Right before going over the edge, he flipped over and stopped himself, just barely digging his fingernails into the packed earth. We both hung there for the time being. He barely holding on to the edge of the cliff, and me holding onto Backspin's ankles.

Backspin tried to shake me loose, but I held on for dear life. But Backspin's socks slipped down, and then his shoes started to come off. I screamed when I realized what was happening. Unfortunately for Backspin, at the same time his shoes came off and I plunged to my death, he lost his grip and fell. In midair Backspin flipped around and took a swipe at me, punching me cruelly in the face, blackening my eye. I shouted an obscenity and punched back at him. I missed and spun around in mid-air, my feet facing him. So I kicked out with all my might and Backspin slammed into the side of the cliff.

He bounced off the side of the cliff and then hit the ground with a thud. It was however, only a rocky outcropping. I, propelled a foot or so backwards, missed the ledge and continued my downward plunge. A few short seconds later my body hit the icy water. I sunk like a stone into the depths. I tried to swim to the surface, but an undertow drug me down into the murky blackness. My lungs felt like they were about to burst. I was about to open my mouth and suck in my last breath, which would of course fill my lungs with water and I would drown...

Image: Me, standing near the edge of the cliff moments before Backspin arrived.

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  1. I don't even think that Adam West could extricate himself from this one.


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